Three new reviews from Al and Linda Lerner on Movies and Shakers



Steven Soderbergh comes out after 7 years of retirement like a race car gassed up and ready to roll. And he even planned out the marketing without big studio help himself. But we’ll get to that later.  Think Oceans 11 meets the Coen Brothers in a theater of the absurd type of clever comedy with an iron clad cast. This film has an intricate plot and a lot of locations. Details matter, so pay attention. We saw the film twice to pick up more we might have missed. The writer who came up with the smart script is listed as Rebecca Blunt, but nobody really seems to know who she is. Go ahead. Look her up. May be a pen name for someone high on the film’s crew list.


By the end of this film, it is hard to believe that Danielle Macdonald is not Patti Cake$ in real life. Director Geremy Jasper shot this film documentary- style, jumping around as we follow Patti around her gritty Jersey town. The Australian actress shows just the right amount of attitude and insecurity as a hefty female having all kinds of growing pains trying to make it big in the rap world. This film can be compared to Eminem’s 8 Mile, showing a tough uphill battle for someone not thought of as a rapper trying to make it. Patti had even more to deal with than just showing off. The put downs from family and everyone she encounters are just plain mean.


This film is more than a travelogue. It’s the finale of “The Trip” trilogy with  magnificent cinematography showing the picturesque hills and coastal villages in Spain. And, as in The Trip and TheTrip to Italy, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are the entertaining hosts who take us from town to town on  a culinary adventure. Seeing the delicacies being prepared and watching these very funny travel buddies describe, taste and devour them, will make you drool.


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