Three new August podcasts from the CinemaJaw team of Matt Kubinski and Ryan Jagiello



We have covered music many times on CinemaJaw, but we have never taken a look at that celebration that is live music! Film does its best to capture the energy and transcendence of live performance. Some films do it quite well. Going to a concert is a very particular experience. It can be tranquil, violent, noisy and serine all in the same song. People in droves, sometimes in very close proximity add to the fray. When movies go to the concert, some of the best scenes occur. This week we choose our favorite concert scenes.

Joining us is a man who knows a little bit about concerts.  Jeremy Scheuch is the creative director of Riot Fest, so like we said, he knows live music inside and out. He has been known for his art, epic mustache, tattoos, and baseball fandom. And for those of you who are unfamiliar with Riot Fest: Founded in 2005 in Chicago. Riot Fest is a multi-day music festival specializing in punk, rock, alternative, metal, and hip-hop. Carnival Rides, amazing food vendors, sideshow performers, and more add to the atmosphere of this independent music fest.It also happens to be freakin’ awesome! So by all means, please check out their website, and get tickets today… but first, enjoy this podcast!


The Art department is to film what the Tech department is to theater. Often overlooked but integral to the success of the production. The director has a vision, and the cinematographer filters that through the lenses, but the Art Director or Production Designer (as they are sometimes known) GIVES them the actual physical objects to photograph. This week on CinemaJaw we turn over the stone as we take a look at the best Art Direction in Film.

Joining us is a man who knows the topic well. Meinert Hansen is a Canadian illustrator and concept artist. He has worked on a number of successful film such as District 9, 300, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and most recently Arrival. He is also a filmmaker in his own right, taking home the honors of being an official selection of the Straight 8 Competition.

PLUS! As a special bonus for the JawHeads, Ry the Movie Guy was able to go out to see Good Time and then have a sit down and interview the Directors the Safdie Bros!


It must have been stolen, locked away in some safe somewhere. Some wily team of cat burglars broke in and snatched it. How else can we explain that after nearly 9 years of talking about movies, we have never covered our favorite Heist Films? This time, we will keep it secure!

Joining us is a man who knows how  keep it secure. Jake Myers is video teacher with Chicago Public Schools and a filmmaker who has completed three feature films. The first two, Conspiracy Theory and Bad Attitude, received distribution deals and will be available in Walmart this summer.  His most recent film, Triumph, IL, will start the festival circuit this fall. Myers also ran the Octagon art gallery for 4 years, which focused on collaborative group shows. One such project, Celestial Bodies, was a kid-­friendly sci-­fi workout project that included over 75 Chicago Artists. It screened at the Chicago Cultural Center and the Cleveland Ingenuity Festival, and was featured on the cover of New City’s Art Chicago cover. Currently he is working on his latest feature, Computer Hackers!

As if that wasn’t enough, we also have an interview with first-time documentary filmmaker Corbett Redford about his film Turn It Around, which is a deep dive into 30 years of music history and the East Bay Punk Rock scene.


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