Steven Pulaski reviews “Logan Lucky,” “The Glass Castle,” and “Kidnap” for Influx Magazine



Logan Lucky opens with the camera focused on Farrah Mackenzie, who plays the daughter of Channing Tatum’s Jimmy Logan, and the camera slowly pulls back to show she’s sitting on the railing of her porch. Then it pulls back even further to show Jimmy working on his car and requesting a series of tools one-by-one from his daughter, who can discern pliers, wrenches, and bolts better than me. Then it finally pulls back far enough to get the car, Tatum, Mackenzie, and their house all in one gorgeous frame.


The Glass Castle instantly reminds the alert moviegoer of last year’s Oscar-nominated Captain Fantastic, which focused on the same kind of rootless family dynamic portrayed in this film. Adapted from Jeannette Walls’ best-selling memoir of the same name, The Glass Castle brings to life a harrowing, abusive situation for four young children as they navigate the backwoods of West Virginia with their wayward parents who treat them more like belongings than actual human beings.


One has to wonder why Relativity Media, Kidnap‘s original distributor before they encountered financial bankruptcy, and Aviron Pictures, the film’s current distributor, wrestled after six release dates fell through. For a film that was conceptualized and scouted in 2009 to be shot in 2014 to finally get a release in 2017 is not the worst thing that could happen to a film (go ask the animators and crew behind Foodfight! how they’re holding up after that mess), but when your product is this interchangeable and this destined for obscurity, one needs to write a feature story asking everyone involved if releasing Kidnap like this was really worth it in the end.


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