Danielle Solzman interviews actor Collin Smith on Solzy at the Movies

Screenshot 2017-07-21 at 2.26.02 PM

Actor Collin Smith took some time to speak with Solzy at the Movies about the recently released film, Bear with Us.  Naturally, our love of the Kentucky Wildcats took over the conversation.

Thank you for joining Solzy at the Movies today.  How are things treating you?

Collin Smith:  Good, thanks.  We finally connect.

Bear with Us is your fourth project with director William J. Stribling.  What is it about his work that has you coming back for more?

Collin Smith:  Joe and I met—I was actually doing a play with his girlfriend.  When we met, he was still in undergrad at NYU.  We just had a natural rapport with one another.  A couple months later, he asked me to be in his senior thesis.  I don’t know if you’ve had the opportunity to see the other work we’ve done together but he put me in this role, which was kind of something that I hadn’t done before but we sort of continued doing and it went really well and we had a lot of fun on set.

Actually, as a fellow UK fan, we were filming that the night that UK won the national championship in 2012 so I missed that game—which was a real bummer.  He tried to get me out on time but couldn’t do it so he owed me after that and put me in another movie in a completely different role but again, sort of comedic.  The more we worked together, the more he got to know me, the more he could sort of write characters with me in mind.  The more sort of a short hand that we developed.  The working relationship is more simpatico at this point.


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