Six new Kevin McLenithan reviews on recent “Seeing and Believing” podcasts for Christ and Pop Culture

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Seeing and Believing 115Spider-Man: Homecoming and Personal Shopper

Seeing & Believing pairs the latest big blockbuster movie with an arthouse release in this week’s episode. First, the guys review the sixth Spidey movie in fifteen years with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Does the latest installment, starring relative newcomer Tom Holland and a devious Michael Keaton, bring anything new to the web-slinging table, or is it just one more entry in an overexposed franchise? Then they turn their attention to the little-seen but much-lauded Personal Shopper, Olivier Assayas’s take on the ghost story that is finally receiving a VOD release. Does the film live up to the critical hype?

Seeing and Believing Episode 114: The Beguiled and The Bad Batch

What better way to celebrate the week of the Fourth of July than with movies about the Civil War and about cannibalism? Sofia Coppola’s latest film centers on a group of women in the Deep South who must contend with the intrusion of a wounded soldier in their midst, while Ana Lily Amirpour (of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night fame) offers a vision of a post-apocalyptic wasteland in which rejects from the United States form their own savage societies out in the desert. Let the guys bring a patriotic tear to your eye!

Seeing and Believing 113: Baby Driver and Okja

What do shades-wearing bank robbers and mutant livestock have in common? They’re both featured in this week’s episode, as the guys review the new hyper-kinetic heist thriller Baby Driver and the pretty darn weird girl-and-her-superpig fable Okja. Both were among their most-anticipated films of the summer season. Do they live up to expectations?



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