Mike Vanderbilt reviews “It Comes at Night” for Daily Grindhouse


Paranoia is powerful. At its grandest, it can bring down entire empires and nations and more intimately, it can also destroy friendships and families. It has also been a helpful seed in many a horror and sci-fi screenplays. Both Howard Hawks THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD and John Carpenter’s reimagining deal with a small group besieged by an outside force, but ultimately it is their own, primitive distrust of one another that leads to their downfall. Paranoia is a concept that afflicts each and every generation, particularly of the political variety. (There’s a reason INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS has been remade as many times as it has) IT COMES AT NIGHT is an engaging thriller from writer/director Trey Edward Schults that feels very of its time in the new millennium, confronting with the modern day survivalist mentality and ever present xenophobia. The film­—reminiscent of the films of George Romero—is a slickly paced tale, slowly revealing its themes of paranoia and family while never giving its characters easy answers and never asking the audience easy questions.


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