Four new reviews from Leo Brady of to open the month of June



It Comes At Night is a film with multiple layers, set in a disease ridden post-apocalyptic world, that deals with the matter of how paranoia can attack us from the inside out. The revelation that will shock audiences are the horrors that human beings can be capable of. Director Trey Edward Shults, whose 2016 indie-hit Krisha, which was another film of psychological terror, follows up that success with one of the best movies of 2017, and an absolutely terrifying one at that.


Zoe Lister-Jones, the director, writer, and star of her new film Band Aid, is a spectacular talent and has made a film that left a beaming smile on my face. It tells an honest narrative, that will relate to anyone who has dealt with a struggling relationship, in a comedy with some surprising dramatic twists along the way. We follow a bickering married couple that decides to create a band to express their problems and resolve arguments. There are plenty of adorable laughs, heartfelt moments, and the emergence of an absolute superstar, making Band Aid one of the pleasant surprises of 2017.


My Cousin Rachel is a movie that telegraphs the audience almost everything that is going to happen. And my advice to you, is to just sit back and enjoy this wickedly delicious film. Director Roger Michell’s newest film comes from the mind of famous English Author Daphne Du Maurier, whose works include Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and Rebecca. As you could expect, this is a film of plotting, scheming, and evil twists, but even if you are fully prepared for all of that, it still makes for a fascinating story of lies and deception. My Cousin Rachel is a period peace perfect for today, in this lush looking and devilishly fun affair.


It’s funny that The Hunter’s Prayer is directed by Jonathan Mostow, the same man who helmed Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. I mention this, because the plot in this movie would have been a perfect fit for a young Arnold Schwarzenegger action-flick. Instead, we get Sam Worthington in the lead, in a story about a hitman hired to kill a teenage girl, but because he has a daughter of his own, and wants to make up for past mistakes, he protects the target from other hired killers. A plot like this would have been perfect for the Govenator to drop some one-liners in, but instead we get a straightforward action-drama that is anything but fun. There are a few solid chase sequences and that’s about it. The Hunter’s Prayer is slapped together, with nonsensical violence, multiple settings that have nothing to do with the plot, and acting that would be better from actual machines.


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