Don Shanahan reviews the local short film “Jack & Amelia” on Every Movie Has a Lesson and Medium


A fellow Chicago film critic once described the city we both live in as a hard place that grinds on you.  The cold of this place can come from more than the winters.  Maybe that’s why broad shoulders are needed to bear it.  Let’s make an opening lesson out of that.

LESSON #1: HUSTLING AND BUSTLING CITIES CAN WEAR ON SOMEONE–My friend was right.  Trekking through, in, and around 9.5 million other people throughout the Chicagoland region can make a person feel insignificant.  Cities wear on people, eroding their patience, trust, and confidence when it comes to being another face in the crowd.  However, the “small world” trope still occurs, and people share more than they likely know with the man or women they sat next to this morning on a bench, train car, or passenger.

When this city and its people do shine, they really radiate, turning Chicago from an emotional minefield into a home.  The short film “Jack and Amelia,” directed by Craig Barnes, is a bite-sized slice of the Windy City and the glimmers of hope and connection that are endlessly possible.  It screens May 8th at The Public House Theatre at 3914 Clark Street at 7:30pm.

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