Emmanuel Noisette talks “Sleight” and interviews star Jacob Lattimore on Movie Pilot and Movie Mob


Jacob Latimore Weighs In On ‘Sleight’ And ‘Iron Man’ Comparison

Jacob Latimore is one of the rising stars in Hollywood that is quickly making a name for himself. He’s been in a number of films such as Black Nativity, Ride Along, and Collateral Beauty. It doesn’t stop there. He’s also both a great singer and dancer. Most recently, Latimore is starring in the film, as the movie’s lead character.

I was fortunate enough to speak to Jacob Latimore about Sleight. In the interview, I mentioned to him that the comparison was out there that Sleight is “Chronicle meets Iron Man.” Jacob didn’t really agree with that comparison.

Jacob Latimore Interview: Hollywood’s Newest Leading Man Talks ‘Sleight,’ Music And More

If you haven’t heard the name by now, it’s time you get to know the multi-talented star Jacob Latimore. In my opinion, he’s the epitome of a rising star in Hollywood. Recently, I had a unique opportunity to interview the actor and get to know more about him. Before we get to the interview, let me give you just a quick rundown of his career in case you’re still wondering who is.

Is ‘Sleight’ An Origin Story For A Familiar Comic Book Character? Jacob Latimore Tells All

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Latimore to talk about his latest film, his red-hot career, superheroes, comic book movies and so much more. Here is an excerpt from the interview.






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