Jeff York reviews “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” on The Establishing Shot


The films in the Marvel superhero family have always mined laughs. There are great guffaws to be found in even the more serious ones, like THOR. Some of the laughs in the Marvel canon are as funny as anything found in straight out-and-out comedies found at the Cineplex today. And some of the gags in Marvel superhero adaptations have been so hilarious, they’re genuine knee-slappers that would have made the great comedy director Blake Edwards (THE PINK PANTHER, 10) positively blush. Remember how Hulk thrashed Loki around like a rag doll in the first AVENGERS film? Or how that rickety toy train fell off the tracks during the climactic battle in ANT-MAN when it looked liked a charging locomotive from the hero’s perspective? Why, the whole movie of DEADPOOL was one ginormous laugh fest, starting with its sublimely snarky opening credits.

Of course, the first Marvel superhero adaptation that played truly as a comedy was the first GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY from 2014. There was a ton of humor to be found there – a combination of modern snark and old school shtick. Some of it, quite frankly, could’ve been written by classic Borscht Belt comedians from the 20th Century. Writer/director James Gunn has proved to be a true expert at comedy, exhibiting a skill with milking laughs old and new throughout his franchise which has quickly become one of the most loved in the Marvel universe.


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