Three reviews from our newest member Brian Thompson of Southern Film Critic

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Even with trans issues steadily moving further into the social consciousness, queer cinema has never put much of a concentrated emphasis on that particular aspect of its umbrella. Sure, last year we saw The Danish Girl take home an Academy Award, but it was a clear outlier in Hollywood. 3 Generations has come along to fill the void, but it is never quite sure what to do with the space it finds itself occupying. What may have been groundbreaking in 1996 already feels dated before it makes its way into theaters.


If you actually take a moment to analyze it, the Internet is rather horrifying. It stores all of your most personal information and uses it to directly influence your future purchasing decisions. However, in the year 2017, this shouldn’t come as a shocking revelation to anyone. Believing that it needs to talk down to its audience as if they were young children, The Circle tries to warn us about the dangers of technology, but it feels much more like a bad sermon than it does a Ray Bradbury plotline.


Gothic horror seems to be making a comeback, at least in some smaller facets of cinema culture. With recent years producing big budget additions to the genre (to varying degrees of both quality and success) such as Crimson Peak and The Woman in Black, it was inevitable that the path would be macheted for independent filmmakers to try their hand at crafting a thrilling period piece. It’s got nowhere near the stamina of one of Roger Corman’s Edgar Allan Poe adaptations, but Voice from the Stone lands a bit closer to the bullseye than many of the recent attempts to recreate this eerie world.


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