Jeff Yorks makes an honorary Oscar case for David Lynch on The Establishing Shot

David Lynch.jpg

Dear Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences,

Now that the Oscars are over, it’s time to concentrate on the current year in film and its award-worthy entrees. And to get the taint of the Best Picture envelope debacle as much in the rearview mirror as possible, it would behoove the Academy to announce its selections for the 2017 honorary Academy Awards, AKA the Governors Awards, as soon as possible.

This is the first of five open letters I’m sending the Academy’s way to submit my thoughts on nominees they should honor sooner than later. I have always believed that the honorary Oscar, now deemed the Governors Award, is one of the world’s most prestigious, and to my mind it is one that should be bestowed upon those who have yet to receive Oscar gold. It was lovely for the Academy to honor Elia Kazan in 1999, or Anne V. Coates this past year, but both recipients had won Oscars in competition. The Governors award truly should go to the overlooked.

Thus, the filmmaker I’d like to put forth first is one who has not won yet – director/writer/producer David Lynch. He was nominated four times, first for Best Director and Adapted Screenplay for 1980’s THE ELEPHANT MAN, then again as Best Director for 1986’s BLUE VELVET, and finally for directing 2001’s MULHOLLAND DRIVE. Lynch is a truly visionary filmmaker and his work is easily recognizable to even the untrained eye. His style has been imitated left and right by too many writers and directors to even list. Nonetheless, Lynch remains one-of-a-kind, a true artist in every sense of the word. It is high time that he be recognized fully by the Academy.


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