Leo Brady reviews “Smurfs: The Lost Village” and “The Assignment” on AMovieGuy.com



The Smurfs are a weird collection of caricatures in the history of pop-culture. I am not exactly sure (outside of children) who would still be fascinated with the blue creatures, with descriptive names such as, Jokey, Vanity, Nosey, etc., but a simple Wikipedia search gives you a bit of their obscure history. They began all the way back in 1958, as a comic series from Belgian artist Peyo, had a 1980’s animated TV series, made money off Smurf merchandise, and have surprisingly lasted this long. Now, they have ditched the mixture of live-action and CGI from the 2011 Neil Patrick Harris version and it’s follow up The Smurfs 2, and taken a cue from the Trolls movie, going full animated feature. In Smurfs: The Lost Village, director Kelly Asbury’s aim is strictly at parents to take their children on a Saturday morning, and as I felt, they wouldn’t be completely wasting their time.


It is hard to believe in 2017, that a movie as tone deaf as Walter Hill’s The Assignment could actually exist, but in the time of Trump I have to continue to remind myself that anything is possible. Here is a movie that is not just bad on the merits of it’s inexcusable plot- it’s a movie about a hitman that is kidnapped and unwillingly given sexual reassignment surgery- but equally awful in it’s production value and lead performance. Seriously though, we already live in a world where transphobia is rampant, as people are persecuted for where they go to the bathroom or how they live their lives, and now we have a movie like The Assignment, a sure lock for one of the worst movies of 2017.



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