Steve Pulaski publishes two new film reviews and videos for Influx Magazine



If you have to spend $100 million on a Power Rangers movie in 2017 just for it to be a tonally inconsistent mess that doesn’t really know if it should be The Breakfast Club or The Dark Knight, then you’ve entirely missed the point of the series.

Power Rangers in all its mid-1990s glory was never meant to be anything more than charmingly corny fun for young children. It was gleefully colorful and much of the violence was hampered by just how amiable the entire production was. It’s a concept that crosses over through multi-generational appeal, and to have an ongoing franchise involving the candy-colored cadets is a big risk with potential for a big reward. It’s also a case study in how to dilute a unique property by making it conform to standards to which it never belonged.


I suppose it’s not that surprising that a film by the name of Slamma Jamma is not a very good movie, but I would argue that it’s surprising a film with that title is both grossly incompetent but privileged, having made it into over 500 theaters in the United States. The latter stat should not be overlooked; in a month that’s offered little else besides blockbuster-fare, to see a film of this low-level grade enter theaters should tell anyone, for better or for worse, that anything is possible.



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