Jeff Yorks merges the monsters of March to review “Life,” “Kong: Skull Island,” and “Song to Song”


Often the best monster movies declare that man is the truest beast. The shark in JAWS may have been feeding in the wrong waters, but it was the selfishness of the mayor that rang the dinner bell when he should’ve closed the beaches. Kurt Russell’s character kills a scientific outpost colleague in cold blood while trying to root out who’s being inhabited by THE THING. And even in ALIEN, the corporation sponsoring the Nostromo is willing to sacrifice its entire crew to ensure the safe return of the lethal creature they want to employ in warfare. As screenwriter Blake Snyder said in his “Monster in the House” description applicable to the horror and thriller genre, whatever the ‘monster’ is, it is always encouraged by man to do the utmost damage humanly possible.
Thus, it is with no fewer than six films about monsters currently in cinemas. The runaway hit of the winter season of course was Jordan Peele’s GET OUT, a film concerning a black man running afoul of a group of affluent suburban white supremacists who use young black bodies as vessels for the transplanting of aging white brains. In France’s RAW, the savagery of the collegiate hazing system at a veterinarian college stimulates the inhumane nature of one of its students and she develops a taste for human flesh. Since I’ve already reviewed those two superb films here and here,  respectively, I won’t dwell on them, but suffice it to say that they reinforce Snyder’s credo that man is the most dangerous animal of all.

For this post, I’m going to concentrate on three other monster movies currently playing in cinemas across the land and how they tell their ‘horror’ story.


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