Jeff York reviews “The Blackcoat’s Daughter” on The Establishing Shot


Hard to believe, but I’m writing about horror again, for the fourth blog post in a row. Horror seems to always be in vogue this time of year. Why? Perhaps it’s an antidote to all the sweetness of the holiday season. Or maybe it’s that chilling stories seem so perfect in the frosty months of winter. No matter, there is a lot of horror out there right now, and it’s some of the most sublime we’ve seen in such a run in some time.

For five and a half years, I was the Chicago Horror Movie Examiner online, writing film reviews for the Examiner until it shuttered last spring. And after seeing so many entries in the genre, it became my cause celebre to highlight that horror is always better when it spends more time drawing out dread rather than throwing around buckets of blood. The fear that something bad could  happen is always more palpable, especially because it can take its time. Comparatively, death usually comes quite fast in film. THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER understands the power of dread, and serves it up deliciously throughout its entire 93 minutes.


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