Five new reviews posted on Movies and Shakers from Al and Linda Lerner



Alec Baldwin has attitude as an adult and now as a tiny baby. He’s the Boss in this film. He’s the voice of a very mature baby who is also a middle management executive for Baby Corp. His company is trying to find out how to steal love away from puppies so there’s more for cute babies. It’s marketing strategy, only he’s been sent down from wherever to get the scoop in person as the new bundle of joy in a family with a built-in big  brother. His reward for getting such baby vs. puppy intelligence is what he longs for…a corner office at Baby Corp. and a golden potty!


The Zookeeper’s Wife is a powerful morality play full of suspense and tension based on a true story. Jan and Antonina Zabinski ran the renown Warsaw Zoo on the eve of the 1939 invasion of the Nazi Occupation of Poland. Belgian film star Johan Heldenbergh plays Jan with grace and determination while Jessica Chastain, as Antonina, adds another powerful, resourceful, passionate woman to her list of great roles.


This film takes snakes on a plane to a whole new level. What if soil samples from Mars contained cells that could be brought to life? Astronauts and Scientists (Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, Aryion Bakare and Hiroyuki Sanada) aboard the International Space Station totally lose control. The space station itself is a technological wonder. And watching the crew float weightless through the corridors is so very smooth. There is so much detail as to how they function in that environment.


Terrence Malick continues his search for the meaning of life, in this case against the Austin music scene. But he succeeds in illuminating neither. The film was shot during the South by Southwest, Austin City Limits and the Fun Fun Fun Fests in Texas. The actors were able to mingle and do their work amongst the actual crowds who became extras because,  according the Producer Sarah Green, the hardcore music fans were more interested in the rock stars than the actors. Patti Smith, the Black Lips, Iggy Pop, Florence and the Machine and the Red Hot Chili Peppers appear.


Here’s a film that may have you talking to yourself like we did when we come out of the theater. And you may ask, “What was that?!” Writer/Director Oliver Assayas is known for making ethereal films. He and Kristen Stewart worked together before in The Clouds of Sils Maria. He recognizes her acting ability and shows it off in very strange ways in this mysterious thriller. If you had any doubts about her being a serious actress, she shows she can more than handle being the lead in this one. Stewart may make you nervous, but that’s what this film is supposed to do. There are several story lines that go off in many different directions. Director Assayas combines the supernatural with a murder, threatening phone texts and high fashion. The film is shot with a grainy texture. Consistent use of hand-held looking shots gives this film an almost documentary feel.




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