Jeff York reviews “Personal Shopper” on his site The Establishing Shot


The audacity of PERSONAL SHOPPER announces itself in the very first scene. Maureen (Kristen Stewart) enters an abandoned old house in the Parisian countryside and attempts to contact the ghost of her deceased twin. He used to be a medium, and she dabbles in such hobbies as well, plus her sibling promised her he’d give her some sign from the other side within three months of his passing. Maureen goes about looking for him, opening various doors and windows in the home he used to reside in, calling out his name. Audaciously, the scene goes on and on, almost interminably, until after what feels like an eternity, there is the suggestion of a vague mist convalescing above her. But it peters out and the scene seemingly doesn’t come to much. Ah, but it does. And that is what makes this strange and prolonged scene so remarkable and the film so fascinating. It is a scene about time and waiting, perfectly announcing the theme of the story and its central character.


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