Daniel Nava reviews “Personal Shopper” on Chicago Cinema Circuit


I wasn’t wrong about Oliver Assayas’ new film the first time I wrote about it; I just wasn’t quite as right as I should have been. Like with any great works of art, whether it’s with an album that requires more than one spin or a film that reveals something new about itself with subsequent viewings, Personal Shopper (Highly Recommended) proved far more rewarding on a revisit in a theatrical setting. And after screening at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, where Assayas won as Best Director, it finally comes to Chicago’s Landmark Century and AMC River East this Thursday. I urge every Chicagoan to see Personal Shopper on the largest screen imaginable, as so much of its primal thrills are excised from its inspired sound design and sleek, finely detailed compositions – the kind of finer details that are ultimately lost when you’re watching the film on a laptop or cellphone. And for a film that ultimately advocates detaching yourself from those tiny, lonely illuminated screens in favor of looking at the broader and abstract world we inhabit, it’s to your advantage to experience the film in a communal setting on the big screen.


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