Steve Pulaski publishes reviews for “Get Out” and “Rock Dog” on Influx Magazine and YouTube



Get Out is the perfect recipe for a film that will piss a lot of people off for the completely wrong reason. Forget the fact that writer/director Jordan Peele’s directorial debut has successfully made a horror film where a black man walking through an almost exclusively white suburb is as scary as a six-foot tall monster roaming a campground in the dead of night, it’s the fact that race has become a notable focus in a horror film that will see a release in over 2,000 theaters this weekend that bothers people (among other things I simply don’t have the time nor patience to address).


Take one immediate look at one of Rock Dog‘s bland theatrical posters – which features a 75% white background with a guitar-playing dog donning a wool-cap and a sweater suspended in mid-air above a pathetic and truly uninspiring font/color-choice for the title – and you are likely to remember it about as long as you’ll remember the eighty-five minute film itself.


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