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Get used to seeing movies with the tag-line “from director Jordan Peele”. If you are wondering if Get Out is directed by THAT Jordan Peele, then you are correct. The same comedian/actor from the skit Comedy Central duo Key & Peele, turns out to be a pretty excellent director as well. His first feature film is a fantastic surprise, that mixes humor, social commentary on race in America, and creeps you out, in one of the early and bright surprises of 2017. Get Out is a smart, quite funny, and startling picture, you just have to see it.


These days, with The Walking Dead at the end of it’s pop culture boom and zombie movies being standard genre flicks that are a part of the cinematic norm, a movie needs to be very precise in getting the flesh eating creatures right. In director Colm McCarthy’s newest film- The Girl with All the Gifts, he has made a zombie movie that feels entirely unique in it’s own way, making themes of science, freedom of choice, and nature vs. nurture as the main focal point of a group of people surviving a zombie outbreak. The Girl with All the Gifts has all of the necessary attributes to be one of the better movies to feature flesh eaters in the last 5 years.


At one point in Bitter Harvest, wise Ukrainian Grandpa, played by Terence Stamp, gives possibly the worst prayer I have ever heard. Now I am not the religious type, but he states “In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Let us pray. We must save ourselves or die.” End of prayer. It’s a bad sign when even the prayers in this movie are crappy. Telling the story of the Holodomor, Joseph Stalin’s death-by-starvation program that killed millions of Ukrainians in the 1930’s, director George Mendeluk also tries to tell the tragedy through a love story. He fails at both.


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