Mike Vanderbilt co-hosts an Oscar episode of the “Revenge of the Pod People” podcast


Why do we care about the Oscars, anyway? Very few people who are into music think the Grammys are worth a damn. But movie lovers, even cynical ones like the Pod People, still think that an Oscar means something. And sometimes they do get it right. Sometimes a performance is so powerful, or a movie so undeniably great, that it can’t help but win. But more often than not, they don’t. There are politics at play, from which movies get nominated for best foreign film to brilliant directors getting makeup Oscars decades too late. 

So, because this is our podcast and we make the rules, today we’re giving our our own Oscars to movies that should have won Best Picture, but were iced out by different, more—let’s say—Academy-friendly choices. You could say that you can’t predict what’s going to become a classic and what isn’t, but that’s bullshit. The voters knew what they were doing when they voted for forgettable prestige pictures over future classics. And today, the Pod People are going to make it right, with our Monday Morning Oscar picks.


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