Linda and Al Lerner review “The Great Wall” and “A United Kingdom” on Movies and Shakers



No wonder THE GREAT WALL cost $150 million. It is the most expensive Chinese movie ever made and there’s a good reason why. This film is so heavy on special effects, stunts, fire and explosions, plus, thousands upon thousands of computer generated green beasts with sharp teeth storming the wall. Sections of the 5500 miles wall were built by different rulers in 10 to 20 year increments over a period of 1700 years. The Great Wall is massive and so is everything, but the actors. They are normal size in this film.


This is an actual story of forbidden love, international intrigue and family conflict you’ve probably never heard before. Even the star of the movie, David Oyelowo (Selma), whose family is from Nigeria (and yes, as he told us in at our screening, his father IS a Nigerian Prince!) was not aware of these events until reading the book, “Colour Bar: The Triumph of Seretse Khama and His Nation” by Susan Williams. They’re played out on the world stage shortly after the end of World War II. Click here to see David Oyelowo talk about the surprise visit to the set by the current President of Botswana and seeing his parents depicted in a scene.



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