Jeff York talks Oscar predictions on The Establishing Shot


It’s that time of year again when film fans turn their attention to the Academy Awards. The ginormous ceremony arrives this Sunday and despite the excitement that the show always brings no matter what, this year may be the most anticlimactic in decades. Truly, only a handful of categories will likely provide any real suspense. Quite simply, if you’re filling out your ballot and predict that LA LA LAND will win in at least eight of the categories it’s nominated in, you could easily have a third of your ballot aced.

The modern musical about two artists struggling to make it in Hollywood is nominated for a whopping 14 nominations in 13 categories, and to put that in perspective, there are only five categories that it didn’t get recognition in that it could have, and six others that it couldn’t compete in, like Best Foreign Language Film. That many nominations indicate that the film starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone has a ton of support across the Academy and likely ensures that the film will dominate at the event this weekend.

The rest of the ballot isn’t all that challenging to predict either. In fact, when you figure in where all the previous awards have gone, what’s getting the press, who has the buzz, as well as the box office mojo, it’s not that difficult to come off like an expert soothsayer this year. Thus, without any further ado, are my predictions for the 89th Annual Academy Awards.


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