Emmanuel Noisette reviews “Get Out” and “Logan” on Eman’s Movie Reviews



First and foremost, let me say once again that Get Out was a really smart piece of film. The social issues that it touches on will certain drive an interesting dialogue for audiences. Not only that, but it doesn’t come off as political or preachy. The comedy and thrilling aspect kind of take the edge off of any potential social bias or awkwardness someone may feel. The film essentially addresses cultural appropriation at it’s finest.


There are few questions that I know many of you may be thinking. “Was this the best Wolverine movie to date?Yes. “Was this the best film from Fox and all their X-Men movies?Yes, but I would say that it’s equal to and/or slightly better than Deadpool in my opinion. “Is this one of the best comic book movies to date?I’d probably say there’s no question it’s in the top 10, but the top 5 is where the real conversation should be had.Will this be the last time we see Wolverine?”  I don’t know, but with this movie, I would say it really doesn’t matter. 


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