Connie Wilson reviews “Split” on The Movie Blog


M. Night Shymalan burst onto the scene in 1999 with the blockbuster “The Sixth Sense” and followed that up with “Unbreakable” in 2000. Then some not-so-hot movies began. Recently, he was responsible for executive producing the television series “Wayward Pines,” but loser films like 2006’s “Lady in the Water” or “The Village: caused some of us to stop waiting for the next big M. Night Shymalan film. Those days are over and it’s a pleasure to welcome this Philadelphia-born Spielberg admirer back to the fold.


2 thoughts on “Connie Wilson reviews “Split” on The Movie Blog

  1. McAvoy’s strongest work to date comes across on screen, clearly identifying each role he undertakes. The intricacies of mannerism and voice make this movie feel as real as it should. The story moves smoothly, yet slowly, focusing nearly entirely in one area with some flashback sequences that apply to the story directly. I will not make any spoilers, but the description of being a supernatural thriller is factual. This movie will crawl up on you very slowly, and you’ll be anticipating each moment until the climax. You’ll have mixed emotions throughout as well, laughing, feeling pity, and disgust, fear, curiosity…. but more importantly, you’ll be glad you saw this film.

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