Pamela Powell interviews producer David Permut at the Sundance Film Festival


Move over King of Rock ‘n’ Roll because there’s new royalty in town—at least in Park City, Utah at the Sundance Film Festival.  ”The Polka King” will premiere to tell audiences the bizarre yet hilarious story about Jan Lewan, the “King of Pennsylvania Polka” starring Jack Black.   The film is based upon the 1990′s  true story about a Polish immigrant who creates a Polka Ponzi scheme in order to support his love of Polka playing, and as the prolific producer, David Permut explains, “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

I had the opportunity to talk with Permut not only about his new film and his other widely talked about film vying for Oscar’s attention, “Hacksaw Ridge,” but also about how he finds these “gold nuggets” and the other unique films currently in production.  Permut’s energetic and upbeat vocal cadence had me on the edge of my seat as I hung on every word.


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