New reviews of “Barry,” “Go North,” and “Trespass Against Us” on Every Movie Has a Lesson and Medium



Every influential man or woman had a formative period of their life where their impressionable knowledge coalesced into cemented principles that would guide them going forward.  The outgoing 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, is no different.  The new Netflix and VOD entry “Barry,” from director Vikram Gandhi, muses on the internal and external catalysts that shaped the then-20-year-old piece of unformed clay into the future leader of the free world.

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All too often, the recent young adult wave of big studio dystopian fiction films contain three root faults.  First, they shoot off preposterous peril for the sake of peril like a pyromaniac loose in a fireworks warehouse.  Secondly, within the peril is the overused trope of militarizing teens and children.  Finally, the screenwriters feel the need to over-explain every little thing about its created universe as if the audience can’t think for themselves or be challenged to draw an inference or two.  For the most part, the small budget independent film “Go North” successfully and thankfully operates above those three traps.

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When it comes to crime families in movies, any contenders and pretenders that want to be taken seriously are kissing the Corleone ring of “The Godfather” trilogy.  That’s not happening with the Cutler clan in Adam Smith’s “Trespass Against Us.”  As a mishmash of trailer park trash puffing their chests to operate with supposed principles, they occupy the polar opposite end of the glamorous spectrum of organized crime.  Call them an “Irish fugazi,” if you will, complete with their own membership rings and cracks in the hierarchy.

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