Don Shanahan shares a list of 16 hidden gems from 2016 on Every Movie Has a Lesson and Medium


Netflix distribution and the rental revenue possible from Video On Demand sites are becoming go-to outlets for independent and micro-budgeted films to gain a greater platform of release.  It beats chasing screen bookings at the multiplex and finding the few remaining art-house theaters.  Every year, the amount of possible “buried treasure” movies is immeasurable.

Even with my access to more-than-most with festival coverage and press credentials, I can’t see everything.  What I can do is prop up some hidden gems that I was lucky enough to see and review.  Here are 16 under-seen winners from 2016.  The qualifier for the list was title earning less than $1 million at the box office.  They are ranked from highest-scoring review to least.

If you’re always looking for something different, unique, and off the beaten path, seek these out.  If you want to where to find them, I recommend the website JustWatch to search for streaming or rental availability in a snap across all platforms.  Happy hunting and even happier viewing!


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