Three new reviews from Pamela Powell on Reel Honest Reviews



Hungarian writer and director Kristof Deak’s short film “Sing” has been short-listed for the Academy Awards this year and with good reason.  This beautifully poignant film creates a rich and multi-layered story that captures your heart and gives you hope in our youth and community.  This short film has already accumulated numerous awards such as the People’s Choice Award at TIFF Kids Toronto and the Best Live Action Short Film Award


Luna (Lali Ayguade) and Diego (Nicolas Ricchini) are security guards in a parking garage.  The two pass each other as their shifts change and take over the surveillance cameras until one day, Luna must backtrack and view a specific time coded recording.  What she sees will change her perception and interaction with Diego forever.


We dog and cat lovers are a wonderfully crazy and doting group of people.    We change our lives for our cuddly canines and cats.  We buy them more toys than they could ever need or want, and their bedding is tempurpedic—better than my own.  We buy them the best of the best of everything, but what about their food?  ”Pet Fooled,” a new documentary exposing the real contents of what’s inside that bag or can, by Kohl Harrington, features leading veterinarians and the research pertaining to the pet food industry.  It’s a film that will change your life, or at least your pet’s life!


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