Don Shanahan lists his best of 2016 on Every Movie Has a Lesson and Medium


I’ll have you know that this is the latest this website has ever posted a “10 Best” list in its six-plus year history.  I want to say that 2016 exhausted me, but it didn’t.  “Every Movie Has a Lesson” published a personal-best 114 film reviews in 2016.  Even after a record year, there is part of me that sits here and knows there was room for more.  The to-do list of recommended films and overdue titles is never empty.

I can only see so much and 2016 got my best.  I juggled my own writing with co-founding, co-directing, growing, and maintaining the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle.  Starting from scratch, its inaugural year was a soaring success, complete with many new and invaluable  friends and peers.

No matter what, I am exceedingly grateful for the access and privilege I have had (thank you press credentials and awards screeners).  Let me put a bow on 2016 with my selections of the best of the year.  Matching tradition on this website, each film will be paired with a link to the full review and its best life lesson.  Enjoy!

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