The team of Jacqueline Stewart and Charles Musser are the second recipients of the CIFCC’s Impact Award


On Wednesday, January 4th on WGN Radio’s “The Nick Digilio Show,” CIFCC co-director Don Shanahan announced the winners of the Trailblazer and Impact Awards for the first annual CIFCC Awards.

In a tie, the team of Jacqueline Stewart and Charles Musser, the curators of the Pioneers of African-American Cinema box set, have been named winners of the Impact Award for the first annual CIFCC awards. The award honors a person whose work has had a positive impact on society. We have a voting body of 28 critics in the greater Chicago area who are committed to promoting not only excellence in film but also independence and diversity.

Some of the rationale statements from our voting critics:

“An act of restoration and reclamation that stands as one of the most significant home video releases ever.”

“Ms. Stewart’s curation of the above box set was one of the cultural events of the year.”

We will hold an informal reception on the evening of Sunday, January 8th at 7pm at which the winners will be officially announced.

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