Mike Vanderbilt looks back at 2016 and lists his Top 10 on Daily Grindhouse


Every year I read that cinema is dead and every year I end up seeing more than a few pretty good movies and even a few great ones. I don’t think enough credence is given to movies that are pretty good. Let’s admit it, most things in life are a C+/B- or else we wouldn’t have a vocabulary that includes “amazing” or “horseshit.” Bret Easton Ellis routinely expounds the death of cinema, implying that television is the new medium for cinematic storytelling and that many films are lauded for their message and ideology rather than their aesthetics. I’m inclined to agree with him on both, but there is still plenty of terrific cinema out there, and the good ‘ol days weren’t always that good. That said, plenty of the average films released in 2016 were quite enjoyable in their own way.



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