Leo Brady reviews “Fences” and “Lion” on AMovieGuy.com



If this acting thing doesn’t work out for Denzel Washington then I guess he will have a strong career as a director. The Oscar winning legend takes his third swing as the play caller in Fences, adapted from the August Wilson Pulitzer Prize winning play, which Washington and actress Viola Davis originally performed for the stage. History has been mixed when transferring material from Broadway scripts to Hollywood screenplays, which can be a tall task for anyone calling the shots, no matter how seasoned they are. Fences is about as good as it gets though, with two of the best acting performances of the year, and a lot of material to chew on long after the final scene.


If Lion had ended half-way through, I would be praising it as one of the best movies of 2016. As a whole, it is a fairly moving film, only for the second half to undo any emotion felt at the beginning. It is the true story about a boy named Saroo Brierley (Sunny Pawar) who in 1986 became lost in the city of Calcutta, India after accidentally falling asleep on a train that took him thousands of miles away from his family, forcing him into a foster home, before being adopted by Australian parents. It is an astonishing story, about where life can take us, only to feel lacking in the dramatic pizazz the story has. Lion is a fascinating story, reduced down to a brisk walk to discovery.



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