Jason Coffman clears the clickbait air on “La La Land” in Medium editorial


Fandor’s Keyframe blog is usually a resource for great writing on film from a wide variety of viewpoints, and anyone who takes their cinephilia seriously should make it a regular read. That said, even the best have their worst moments. On December 27th, Keyframe published an essay by Nathan Smith entitled “About That George Michael Joke in LA LA LAND,” subtitled “And the matter of artistic seriousness.” If the title didn’t already give it away, the main thrust of Smith’s piece is that he was deeply offended by the use of George Michael’s name as a punchline at the end of an extended joke about 1980s pop music by one of the characters in the film. This is in addition to his insistence that the film traffics in “empty cynicism and flashy colors,” and its principal raison d’etre is “its fevered mission to #MakeMusicalsGreatAgain.”


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