Pamela Powell reviews “Fences” and “The Secret Life of Muslims” for Reel Honest Reviews



“Fences” is based on the stage play by the renowned playwright August Wilson.  Denzel Washington takes on the task of not only directing this intensely powerful production, but starring in it as well.  In an interview with the co-stars, Jovan Adepo (Cory) and Stephen Henderson (Bono), Washington and Wilson began working on this screenplay many years ago.  Wilson, who passed away in 2005, wrote the screenplay and approached Washington to bring this to the silver screen.  As Henderson stated, “We wanted to be as true to August as possible…and by Denzel because he was being honorable to August.” “Fences” is about family, relationships, and breaking cycles.


In the aftermath of one of the racially divided and prejudicial presidential races in U.S. history, the fear of even greater harm and prejudice toward Muslims is also unprecedented.  To counteract this “Islamophobia,” Joshua Seftel brings us “The Secret Life of Muslims.” This new “digital series that uses humor and empathy to confront Islamophobia” actually does much more than that.  It educates and entertains while it awakens you to see how truly silly prejudices are.  Yes, this is about the Muslim religion (it is a religion, people), but the concept can be applied to any religion and any group of people to whom there are negative stereotypes.  “The Secret Life of Muslims” is a brilliant concept that, in under 5 minutes, could change your perspective and views.  I told you it was brilliant!



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