Jim Alexander reviews “Rogue One” and “Nocturnal Animals” for The Movie Blog



Breaking News! Update! Spoiler! I’ll quickly preface that I’m not a hardcore Star Wars fan, but I have seen all the movies and a casual enough fan to understand majority of the Star Wars universe. Now, unless you are a hardcore fan or very familiar with Star Wars then you MUST at least see Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope before you see this movie or else you won’t like it. Often you will get prequels or sequels that tie-in with the movie before it, yet you can skip it and still get through and understand the newest release, but this won’t work with Rogue One. It is heavily tied into the set-up of A New Hope. Regular moviegoers who are planning to attend just to see what the hype is about, or even casual Star Wars fans, this isn’t a movie you will enjoy much.


Tom Ford is a name you hear about a lot on the red carpet during awards ceremonies. Usually you hear his name uttered by celebrities who are wearing his stylish suites and dresses. Next time you’ll  be hearing about Tom Ford should be when you’re discussing one of the best directors and movies of the year. Ford does tremendous writing the screenplay and directing the sleek and suspenseful Nocturnal Animals. There is so much to like and little to dislike.


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