A full new “La La Land” review on Movies and Shakers from the Lerners


This is a film that strikes emotional chords on many levels while it enthralls and entertains. Chazelle and the design team use the camera lens as a vibrant palette to not only capture movement, dialogue and music, but to create scenes that look like paintings. It’s about pursuing your dreams with a love story beautifully wrapped in fantasy.

Chazelle has another hit on his hands and this one will be bigger than Whiplash. La La Land definitely appeals to a wider audience. He wanted to capture the magic of his favorite old musicals like the Umbrellas of Cherbourg to Singing in the Rain, Top Hat, and even Boogie Nights, but for a new generation.This was a dream which he never thought would come to the big screen. He even sweat it out at early screenings thinking it might bomb, but received a standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival and it’s been garnering awards and nominations ever since.


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