Three new published reviews from Pamela Powell on Reel Honest Reviews



Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis has been quoted as saying, “I want to live my life, not record it,” but that isn’t what the public wants as is evidenced by the latest film “Jackie,” starring Natalie Portman as the most admired yet reclusive First Lady.  The film takes us back to that fateful day in Dallas, Texas, with President John F. Kennedy and Jackie, wearing her classically styled pink dress, cropped jacket, and pill box hat, covered in blood as she held her husband’s lifeless body in the back of the motorcade car.  What happened behind the scenes and in the mind and life of Jackie during that traumatic day and the days that followed is recreated in the biopic film, “Jackie.”  This intimate portrayal from a unique perspective gives viewers a new sense of this extraordinary woman.


Amy Adams (“Arrival”), Helen Mirren (“Eye in the Sky”), and Jessica Chastain are proving to the movie-going world that female leads can be powerful, smart and strong.  Chastain’s newest film, “Miss Sloane,” portrays a formidable lobbyist taking on gun control on Capitol Hill.  She’s ruthlessly brilliant yet this style has consequences as she defends herself at a Senate Ethics Hearing.  “Miss Sloane” takes us on this fictional journey, behind the scenes of political games and lobbying.  It’s a fast-paced, high powered film that is riveting and intelligent.


Imagine that the one thing you are passionate about in life is taken away from you because you’re aging and seeing the beginnings of dementia.  It’s one of the possible curses associated with aging and Byron Temple (Wil Love), local acting legend, is in the midst of this situation in John Putch’s heartfelt film “The Father and the Bear.”  Byron longs to be on stage once again.  His last performance a couple years before was a disaster because of dementia and he hasn’t returned since.  Now,  a new theater manager, Bill (David DeLuise) comes to town with his energetic daughter, Lefty (Charity Farrell) and the two find a way to help one another accomplish their goals.  It’s a  beautiful and emotional journey of love, acceptance, and most importantly, community.



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