The Lerners of Movies and Shakers review “Jackie,” “Manchester by the Sea,” and “Miss Sloane”



The Kennedy era was known as Camelot. JFK and Jackie were perceived as the ideal President and First Lady. This film directed by Chilean film director Pablo Larraín (Neruda) in his first English language feature pulls back the curtain to reveal the flip side of Camelot. The film includes details and reactions leading up to and including the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


Can a long, depressing film be saved by intense performances? This is one film so dark and uncomfortable, it’s hard to sit through at times. But Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams and Lucas Hedges kept us watching, curious to see why the people they played were so loving but their relationships so strained. Matt Damon was scheduled to star in and direct the film he and actor John Krasinski thought up. It was written by Kenneth Lonergan, but schedule conflicts for both actors got in the way. The script was put on the 2014 Black List, which means it was well liked but not produced yet


Jessica Chastain is Miss Sloane who is a brilliant, amoral, ruthless lobbyist. She is driven to win, no matter what. She’s the fast-talking focal point in this film. Her rapid fire delivery brings us back to the strong women like Bette Davis, Kathryn Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck and Rosalind Russell in her classic, His Girl Friday. Directed by John Madden, (Shakespeare in Love), this film brings that style up to date, reminding us of Alan Sorkin’s West Wing and Newsroom. You better pay attention in this one, too, because there’s a lot of fast dialogue and strategy to follow.



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