The 304th CinemaJaw episode welcomes Joe Avella as a guest to review “La La Land” and “Nocturnal Animals”


Los Angeles. The city rife with noir detectives, dazzling dames, and dime-store hoods. A sprawling Metropolis full of smog and glamour. Home to the mega-rich and the ultra poor, home to Hollywood and many a movie star. This weekend Cinema job restart California Dreamin’ as we explore our favorite La movies.

As ever, we need to get to join us. Welcome back filmmaker, comedian, horror podcaster, Mr. Joe Avella. Joe’s latest web series wheelchair werewolf was just picked up by the Troma YouTube channel, and he makes his fourth appearance on the ‘Jaw today to help us choose our favorite La movies.

So sit back and let the light cast Venetian shadows across your mind, as we reach into our desk drawer and pull out the episode next to the hip bottle of hooch and the revolver. It doesn’t take a noir detective to find this episode entertaining. We should know… Our name’s on the door… CinemaJaw .


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