Leo Brady reviews “Elle” on AMovieGuy.com


Paul Verhoeven, the groundbreaking director of movies such as the erotic thriller Basic Instinct, begins his newest film- Elle, with the rape of our main character by a masked man. In the distance, the tension is cut when we see the house cat watching on, but it’s what comes after that is equally shocking. The victim- Michele (Played by the powerful Isabelle Huppert), dusts herself off from the shock of the assault and picks up the phone to order food. She does not call the police or reach out for help, but goes about her way, taking a shower to wash the blood off from her private area, and putting herself back together. It’s early in the film, but the message is clear, our lead character is someone who is in control of this situation. Men cannot hold the power they wield, in the shockingly confident- Elle.


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