Jeff York hosts a “Nocturnal Animals” podcast for “Page 2 Screen” as part of the International Screenwriters Association


“Nocturnal Animals” presents a beautiful world filled with brutality.

Tom Ford may have come from the world of fashion and beauty, but his latest movie entitled “Nocturnal Animals” is all about ugliness. Susan (Amy Adams) may be rich and glamorous, but her life is cold and lonely. Her art gallery is bleeding cash, her marriage is marred by infidelity, and she covers her shame in artifice. Then her ex Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal) sends her the new novel he’s written, dedicated to her. As she reads, Susan realizes his fiction is a metaphor for their reality 20 years earlier. And the brutality in his story echoes that which ended their marriage. Tom Ford writes and directs this multi-tiered story with extraordinary attention to every word and detail. He’s a true artist, provoking his audience with a controversial work as exquisite as it is unsettling.


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