New Movies and Shakers reviews of “Nocturnal Animals” and “Bleed For This” from Al and Linda Lerner



Tom Ford has designed a beautifully disturbing thriller that is both creepy and compelling. It is brutal both physically and psychologically. There are some scenes that will stick with you after seeing this film and may make you re-evaluate loyalty in your own relationships. Tom Ford is know for design and detail, and it shows in every aspect of this film which he wrote and directed. The clothes, the settings, the way the actors are shot come into play. There are a lot of close ups, and wide shots, but not as much mid range both of high society and Texas desert. The soundtrack is spare, but there is one sound effect of a slowing heart beat that pounds in your head and will haunt you. Ford wrote and directed this, his second feature, 7 years after making A Single Man. It is based on Austin Wright’s book-within-a-book called Tom and Susan, about revenge and isolation and it gets pretty scary.  


Sports lore is filled with improbable, impossible comebacks. Bleed for This is right up there taking us back to the 80’s and boxer Vinnie Pazienza. The Pazmanian Devil not only returned to the ring months after breaking his neck in a horrific head-on car crash, but he won the Championship Belt for good measure. That’s the real story. Can this movie live up to reality? The tale is ready-made for Writer/Director Ben Younger. “Paz” was already a Providence, Rhode Island Blue-Collar folk hero before the accident. The movie was shot where the action took place, right in Providence. The locals who played extras added a lot of flavor to the film.


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