The Cinema Jaw podcast reviews “Arrival” and “Moonlight” and interviews Brent Kado of the Chicago Comedy Film Festival


Let’s begin with the proverbial “blah blah blah”. Language is a barrier that we all must face in our lifetimes, if only just to learn our native language. Even across classes or sets of people colloquial dialects or accents can keep people who speak the “same language” separate somehow. Across different cultures the language gap has led to war and alienation. Film is an artform, perhaps, uniquely equipped to treat the language barrier and in the best of cases help to overcome it. This week on The ‘Jaw we take out our Rosetta Stones and use them to chip at the wall… the Language Barrier, as we chose our Top 5 Language Barrier films.  Also joining us is a well spoken man, Brent Kado. Brent is the Executive Director of the Chicago Comedy Film Festival among many other credits. His recent feature film A Short History of Drugs in the Valley is currently streamingon Amazon Video, and we encourage you to check it out. It has become a tradition to talk annually to Brent and the CCFF and we look forward to each interview!


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