Pamela Powell of Reel Honest Reviews tackles comedies “Bear With Us” and “Grand Unified Theory”



“Bear With Us” is described as a romantic farce, but it’s really so much more.  Filmed in black and white, this comedy of errors creates a laugh out loud dark comedy full of irony, cynicism, and screwball antics.  Co-written by Russ Nickel and William J. Stribling, and directed by Stribling, the film tackles love and figuring out life.  Colin (Mark Jude Sullivan) is hopelessly and madly in love with Quincy (Christy Carlson Romano) so he does what comes naturally—he proposes.  Having been turned down, Colin doesn’t give up.  Six months pass and he develops an elaborate plan to propose again in a cabin in the woods with the help of his and Quincy’s best friends.  What could go wrong?  Absolutely everything—in all the right ways.


When you hear the word ‘astrophysics,’ fun and laughter doesn’t come to mind.  However, thanks to David Ray’s new film “Grand Unified Theory,” we find humor in this very topic.  In the film, Albert is a father who is also a professor of astrophysics.  He sees the universe, but doesn’t always see his own world clearly as he navigates marriage and fatherhood.  On the surface, he and his family seem to be ordinary, going through typical growing pains.  But as we get to know them, they each have their unfulfilled wishes and quests in life.  In other words, they are just like you and me.  What makes this film truly stand out is the way the story is told.  Their lives parallel the professor’s lectures, creating hilariously insightful and unexpected situations.  It’s truly a fun look at life, love, family, and what it all means.


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