ChicagoNow writer Seven Gunn reviews “Resilience” as part of coverage of the CIFCC Showcase


The Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle would like to extend a thank you to writer Seven Gunn of ChicagoNow for her solid and positive review of James Redford’s “Resilience” as part of coverage of the CIFCC Showcase.  Here’s an excerpt of her review:

I applaud James Redford credit for tackling filming and gathering research for this documentary, which is about the movement of treating childhood trauma and PTSD. It is often that these issues of psychological and emotional stress are often masked and go undetected. “Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope” analyzes predictors and symptoms that can lead to psychological, emotional, and physical abnormalities. When an individual experiences “toxic stress” the body will go into overdrive to protect itself.


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