Leo Brady reviews “The Magnificent Seven” and “Blair Witch” on AMovieGuy.com



I was astonished, that in his 39 years of acting in movies, The Magnificent Sevenremake was Denzel Washington’s first time playing a cowboy. The 2-time Oscar winner, has been an airplane pilot, a crooked cop, a head football coach, and Malcolm X, among many other characters. It is quite outrageous that it took this long, but the ten gallon hat suits the American Gangster star, and reunites him with director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day; Southpaw) for the third time. This 2016 version may not reach the level of nostalgia generated from the John Sturges original, which was also remade from Akira Kurosawa’s classic Seven Samurai, but with an enjoyable all-star cast and a fantastic finale, The Magnificent Seven rolls into town and blazes its own trail.


In 1999, The Blair Witch Project sent a shockwave across the film industry and changed the horror genre forever. With a cast of unknowns and a shoestring budget, audiences were treated to a movie that tiptoed the line of what was reality and entertainment. Fast forward to 2016, where by now, the found footage style has been used so many times, it may as well be the McDonalds of genres. Director Adam Winguard (You’re Next; The Guest) delivers his take on found footage, in an updated installment of Blair Witch. He brings a modern spin on the recording technology, presents some solid scares, but leaves the genre still in a place where it left off.Blair Witch is entertaining, which will please audience goers not old enough to remember the year 1999, but in a year filled with The Conjuring 2 & Don’t Breathe, the bar is too high for this Witch to fly over.


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