Leo Brady of AMovieGuy.com sits down with Fede Alvarez and Stephen Lang of “Don’t Breathe”


Before watching Don’t Breathe, I had a bad track record with director Fede Alvarez. His remake of Evil Dead was a movie that I didn’t enjoy at all. Now granted, when I first saw it, I didn’t truly appreciate the horror genre, and I think if I revisited it today I would be kinder, but what a difference it makes when you learn from your experiences. Don’t Breathe is huge step for Alvarez, and his no bullshit star Stephen Lang, or as his friends like to call him- SLANG, leads in a film that is a unique combination of thriller and scares, making it one of the best horror films of 2016. Alvarez and Lang sat with me, film critic Jim Alexander, and film critic Michael Snydel to talk in a roundtable interview about the recent success of Don’t Breathe.


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