Jon Espino reviews “Sausage Party” and “Florence Foster Jenkins” for The Young Folks



By definition, a feel-good film is something that is should leave you with warm feelings of inspiration or general happiness by the end. These stories usually involve stories of overcoming great adversity or reaching a personal goal. Earlier this year, we saw the story of a tenacious Olympic hopeful and his dream of competing against the best in the world in the film Eddie the Eagle. His story was inspirational because of the great obstacles he faced getting there and all the hard work he put towards his goal just so that he could achieve a personal best, even if it meant not winning a medal. The story of Florence Foster Jenkins may sound similar to Eddie’s but if you listen closer, you’ll realize the different musical scales they are actually on.


I’m part of the school of thought that thinks you are never too old to watch cartoons or animated films, especially when the subject matter skews to the adult. If Sausage Party is one thing, it is definitely that. It also happens to be the most fun I’ve had with food since I was a child recreating the extinction of the dinosaurs with dino-shaped nuggets, my mouth, and a giant pool of ketchup.


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